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plugdo™ IOP, CODING and STACK

Team Productivity & DevOps for Success

Our mission is to help students, startups, entrepreneurs,
micro and small companies to enhance their innovative ideas.
Using our technologies every minute counts because You keep
the focus on your web solution without losing time in the
integration with the production servers.


plugdo™ IOP

Improve your business’ productivity, at extraordinary cost-efficient levels


Developing in the cloud without spending a big budget paying on development tools. You can create Windows and Linux MVC Solutions using IOP, C# and JavaScript from the server side, but also check our Enterprise UI Framework, for easier creation of Web Layouts.


plugdo™ supports MICROSERVICES a valuable technological trend, enables an easier distribution of your business logic, without spending in multiples expensive tools. With just 1 click, you can create and manage MICROSERVICES, hosted in windows and Linux .


Increase your application´s performance, with plugdo™ CACHE HOLDER functionality, that protects your data source platform, from bottlenecks issues. You can also Take advantage of the Cache Filter functionality for data segregation.


Get information from the server when is available, is a main key of many companies. You can also implement asynchronous requests without blocking the server, you can communicate applications between each other, or visualize Errors, Reports on Key Process, when happen.

Using plugdo™, you will have the following tangible benefits


Manage large operations at low costs and consolidate productive work teams.


Optimize the development and production times.


Audit the entry and exit of information, in a versatile way that work in any environment.


Collect and Transform data from multiple sources using our collectors availables.


Create your own collectors and extend the platform by your needs. .


Easy to use and well documented platform, based on basic programming knowledge.

IOP (integration oriented programming)

Our plugdo™ platform use the IOP programming language, that allows through specific commands to develop applications, web pages and other solutions in less time. The IOP facilitates and speeds up the development at the CORE level, supporting the integration of main functionalities and reusable libraries.

plugdo™ Engine

plugdo™ fulfills market needs and trends . The idea is to reduce the hard time, and make the development process more efficient. plugdo™ runs in .NET and NODE JS. Our Windows version runs JavaScript in server side without NodeJS dependency, but Linux version requires NodeJS.

plugdo™ plug-ins

plugdo™ is complemented by the use of JavaScript, with V8 Google SDK, and C # with .NET Framework, by implementing the plugdo platform you get high performance and the possibility of work in any environment, lower costs and optimize resources .

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